Electric Power and Energy Systems research

Electrical Energy Laboratory at Tech Lane Ghent Science Park – Campus Ardoyen

Electric Power and Energy Systems

The Electrical Energy Laboratory (EELAB) is a research group of the Department of Electromechanical, Systems and Metal Engineering, Ghent University, Belgium.
The EELAB research on Electric Power and Energy Systems at Campus Ardoyen (see contact information) covers several topics related to control, stability and energy management of different types of electric power grids and systems. Herein the grid integration of renewable energy and electrical flexibility play an important role. The research concerns both (purely) electrotechnical aspects and techno-economic approaches. The focus lies on electric power and energy, but also the coupling with various other energy carriers (like heat and molecules) is an increasingly important topic.

The EELAB research includes both fundamental and more application-oriented research and is funded by various national and EU research programmes.

For each of the topics listed below, an overview of recent projects, PhD dissertations and publications in journals and conference proceedings is given.


At the IEEE 6th Global Power, Energy and Communication Conference (IEEE GPECOM2024), a Dr. Muhammad Harunur Rashid Best Paper Award has been presented to Iman Lorzadeh for the paper Distributed Secondary Control for Accurate Reactive and Harmonic Power Sharing among VSIs with Integrated Grid-Forming and Grid-Following Capabilities authored by Iman Lorzadeh, Omid Lorzadeh, Luc Dupré and Lieven Vandevelde.
The project SALOME — Dynamic Monitoring of Offshore Wind Turbines Subject to Atmospheric Phenomena for Optimised Participation in Electrical Energy and Reserve Markets has been granted by the European Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen programme.
Our latest hydrogen-related article entitled Development of a dynamic mathematical model of PEM electrolyser for integration into large-scale power systems has been published with open access in Energy Conversion and Management: X.
Our latest energy-storage related article entitled Frequency and power shaving controller for grid-connected vanadium redox flow batteries for improved energy storage systems has been published with open access in Frontiers in Energy Research.